Wizkids Premium Paint Set by Vallejo: Intermediate Case

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    The WizKids by Vallejo range includes hand selected premium Game Color references, making painting fantasy miniatures a breeze for both pro and hobby painters.
    These carefully curated sets each include 8 specific colors to paint a collection of fantasy figures, from orcs and goblins, to clerics, druids, furniture, shields, and magic!
    The cases have been designed with the hobbyist in mind, with 40 colors each for basic and intermediate needs.
    The colors in the sets have been selected to make the application of painting techniques over figures and decorative elements easier.

    Designed with the hobbyist in mind, with 40 colors for intermediate needs. Including paints, inks and
    varnishes, all in a variety of colors to simulate various effects and a free No. 0 round synthetic brush.
    An expertly curated selection of Game Color water-based acrylic paints.


    Contains the following paints:

    • AV80015 Hexed Lichen
    • AV80019 Night Blue
    • AV80024 Turquoise
    • AV80031 Camouflage Green
    • AV80035 Dead Flesh
    • AV80041 Dwarf Skin
    • AV80043 Beasty Brown
    • AV80044 Dark Fleshtone
    • AV80045 Charred Brown
    • AV80049 Stonewall Grey
    • AV80050 Cold Grey
    • AV80052 Silver
    • AV80053 Chainmail Silver
    • AV80055 Polished Gold
    • AV80057 Bright Bronze
    • AV80059 Hammered Copper
    • AV80060 Tinny Tin
    • AV80066 Tan
    • AV80067 Cayman Green
    • AV80085 Yellow Ink
    • AV80086 Red Ink
    • AV80087 Violet Ink
    • AV80088 Blue Ink
    • AV80089 Green Ink
    • AV80090 Black Green Ink
    • AV80092 Brown Ink
    • AV80100 Rosy Flesh
    • AV80102 Steel Grey
    • AV80130 Rotten White
    • AV80131 Rust
    • AV80132 Fresh Blood
    • AV80133 Dried Blood
    • AV80134 Vomit
    • AV80135 Verdigris
    • AV80136 Dry Rust
    • AV80144 Heavy Blue Grey
    • AV80150 Heavy Ochre
    • AV80155 Heavy Charcoal
    • AV80510 Gloss Varnish
    • AV80520 Matt Varnish

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