Theros Beyond Death Pre-release
Magic: The Gathering
Pre-release (sealed)

Cost: $35

Time: We will start at 17:45 sharp

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Event: Pre-release (sealed)

Magic the gathering Pre-release is a fantastic event for players of any skill level.

What is a MTG Pre-release? Magic the gathering Pre-release is an event where you are given a box that contains 6 boosters of the latest set, that comes out the week after. From there you will open all 6 boosters and make a 40 card deck , that you will then compete with. This is an awesome event event for new players as it brings the advantage of the more committed players who generally have expensive and synergistic decks, down to an even playing field where they must rely on their experience to have any sort of advantage. It also goes without saying that $35 for 6 booster packs with a small prize support is more than worth.

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Gametraders Macarthur Square




L03 U065 200 Gilchrist Drive, Gametraders Macarthur Square, Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia


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