Stardew Valley Cross Stitch Guide & Kit

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    The official Stardew Valley cross stitch guide, designed by Gina Coleman (Sirithre) with illustrations and layout by Kari Fry. Chock full of exclusive artwork, photos and full-color patterns for crops, forageables and all kinds of other familiar sights from the game, this crafty cross stitch guide to all things Stardew Valley has everything you need to become a cross stitching master:

    Instructions for the beginning cross stitcher and tips for more experienced crafters.
    Portraits and other patterns for all the bachelors and bachelorettes.
    Examples of framing and mounting your projects, as well as other practical cross stitch applications.

    And of course, lots and lots of Junimos!

    Perfect for the beginning cross stitcher, this handy kit contains everything you need to get 
    started with your first cross stitch project:

    • 12 skeins of embroidery thread in DMC-equivalent colors
    • 25 unique Stardew Valley patterns, color-matched to the included thread
    • 12 4x4 inch sheets of Aida cloth
    • 2 tapestry needles
    • 1 needle threader

    - $100.00

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