PinStation Virtual Pinball Machine

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      • The PinStation is a full size, virtual pinball machine which offers multiple tables at the push of a button
      • Able to be upgraded with more games easily you’ll always have new tables to enjoy
      • Sturdy full size body and cabinet
      • Multiple tables in one machine
      • 3 screen setup
        • 42″ LED for playfield
        • 32″ LED for back glass
        • 19″ LED for Dot Matrix Display
      • Backlit LED buttons
      • 2.1 Subwoofer and Speaker for thumping sound
      • Upgradeable games unit for more titles
      • Photo realistic tables in Full HD resolution
      • Dual graphics card for smooth gameplay
      • Nudge sensors.  Push and tilt for full effect
      • Working ball plunger
      • Working coin mechanism
      • Superb ball mechanics

              - $4,400.00

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