Final Fantasy TCG Versus Deck XIV Shadowbringers

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    Final Fantasy XIV is a hugely popular MMORPG enjoyed across the globe. The theme of this set is the latest expansion “Shadowbringers”, which recently reached its climax. The 2 decks contained comprise the Earth/Lightning deck that focuses on members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn such as Thancred and Urianger, and the Fire/Ice deck that focuses on the formidable foes of “Shadowbringers”. Created for battling right out of the box, this is the latest addition to the acclaimed TWO-PLAYER STARTER SET product offerings!

    Each deck in this set contains 15 completely new starter cards each (3 cards each for 5 characters), for a total of 30 cards combined.
    Of these, one card each of [13-133S] The Crystal Exarch and [11-131S] Emet-Selch are presented as premium full artwork cards (cards that do not contain the card name and text frame), providing a high degree of collectability in the same fashion as the conventional cards.

    Set Contents
    Pre constructed Deck 1 (Earth/Lightning): 50 cards
    Pre constructed Deck 2 (Fire/Ice): 50 cards
    Quick Starter Guide: 2

    Deck 1 (Earth/Lightning)
    [13-133S] The Crystal Exarch
    [13-134S] Y’shtola
    [13-135S] Urianger
    [13-136S] Thancred
    [13-138S] The Oracle of Light

    Deck 2 (Fire/Ice)
    [13-129S] Philia
    [13-130S] Ran’jit
    [13-131S] Emet-Selch
    [13-132S] Titania
    [13-137S] Innocence

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