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Yu-Gi-Oh! Premiere Weekend Extravaganza!

by The Game Center

Cancel your weekend plans, there is a set release and a Premiere! event (was known as Sneak Peek) all happening this weekend. First is the Burst of Destiny Premiere event, which is at Macarthur 6pm. Details can be found here:

Gametraders Macarthur - YuGiOh Burst of Destiny Premiere! ticket – The Game Center - Gametraders Macarthur Square

A little birdy tells me we should be getting OTS 17 just in time for it too. So it will be the poggest of champs.

Second event is our own Premiere for Legendary Duelists Synchro Storm. Konami didn't create Premiere! boxes for these, so we've made up our own including prize support of some sweet mats.

This one will be at Narellan 12pm on Sunday. Details can be found here:

Game Center Narellan - YuGiOh Legendary Duelists Synchro Storm Premier – The Game Center - Gametraders Macarthur Square

Both event tickets are live now:

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